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Oct 25- A Big Lebowski Halloween! Hosted by Noble Dust

Join us for our 3rd annual Halloween show - in the parlance of our times - as we pay tribute to The Dude. Hosted by Noble Dust and with performances by Charlie Marie and The Wolff Sisters, it's sure to be a good night of music!

Noble Dust - A motley collection of reformed band geeks, Noble Dust fills festivals and tiny living rooms alike with their dynamic, lyrically-driven progressive folk pop. Their thoughtfully-crafted backdrops, ethereal vocal harmonies, and intricate horn melodies culminate to create a sound that is at the same time otherworldly and familiar. More info here!

Charlie Marie - Here to prove that “everywhere has a country side”, Charlie Marie is fusing the history of the trailblazers of country music together with a modern-day flair. More info here!

The Wolff Sisters - Hailing from the cobble stone streets of Boston, The Wolff Sisters blend rock, blues, and roots music into their own unique sound. Their gritty songs draw from adventures all over New England that shaped their lives. The three sisters, Rebecca, Rachael, and Kat, create haunting harmonies that only siblings can manage to do. More info here!