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March 26th - DBUK Slim Cessna's Auto Club & Norman Westberg of Swans!

DBUK is an acoustic project by Slim Cessna, of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, a band that’s held its own onstage with everybody from Johnny Cash to the Dresden Dolls. They’ve been making music for over twenty years - Gospel music for a blasted world. . And the songs, Jesus. Songs about Colorado Indian hater John Chivington, alien abductions, patricide, a man born without a spine. This is the wild, bloody and weird America of Harry Crews, the only America worth a damn. It’s what Flannery O’Connor was trying to say when she wrote of dark romances and the grotesque. If you’ve got a heart, these songs’ll break it, and if you’ve got any laughter left in you, they’ll beat it out of you until you cry. 

I probably can’t improve on what Jello Biafra said about Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, that they’re “the country band that plays the bar at the end of the world.”

Accompanying Slim is Norman Westberg, original member of SWANS! an experimental rock band formed in 1982. Initially part of the no wave scene, Swans have, through various iterations, contributed to the development of noise rock, post-punk, industrial, post-rock. Mr Westberg will also be doing an acoustic set tonight!