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May 30 - They Were Robots

Based out of Providence, RI, They Were Robots! is a newly formed experimental alternative rock band consisting of keyboardist Chris Mitchell, guitarist/thereminist Mike Cirino, bassist Matt Smith, trombonist Keith Harriman, drummer Tim Eskey, and French hornist/trumpeter Alex Colburn. The band rose from the ashes of several short-lived projects involving Cirino, Mitchell, and Smith as well as their active involvement in the Providence based traditional ska and reggae band The Copacetics. After meeting Harriman and Eskey in a chance series of Craigslist based auditions that took place between winter 2016 and fall 2017; the band slowly took on an entity of its own as a musical oddity within the Providence music scene. The line-up was then completed by the addition of Harriman’s good friend Alex Colburn in spring 2018; granting them a proper wind section. With unmistakable hooks, distinctive vocals and harmonies, poetic and humorous lyrics, bizarre instrumentation, and unusual song structures; They Were Robots! are on a sonic mission to intrigue the fellow musician; without detracting from the natural energy and rhythm of the dance floor.