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Jun 22nd - JTS & Sneakytown - SwampBirds - The Wire Chimes

75orLess Records Show presents…..

Jodie Treloar Sampson brings her gorgeous vocals and smokin' acoustic intensity to the brink of fire with her full band Sneakytown! Featuring...
John Faraone - drums
Brian Jablonski - pedal steel
Stephen Demers - electric guitar
Eric Sampson - electric bass
Jodie -

SwampBirds just swayin' in the summer solstice!
Jen Long - electric guitar, vocals
Kate Mick - banjo, vocals
Joanna Elizabeth Read - electric bass, vocals
Jennifer Jane - vocals
Pedro Weinberg - drums

The Wire Chimes is Jeremy Withers, chipping away at nuggets of melody until their true forms are revealed.