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Nov 10 - Randy Andy's Kingmaker Workshop Recital

*****Randy Andy’s Kingmaker Workshop Series*****

Welcome to The Made In RI Kingmaker Workshop Series!

You must reserve your spot by filling out the google doc here!

Drag kinging provides a space to play, explore, and fuck with gender and masculinity as a way to express, entertain, and, just as importantly, foster inclusive queer community. The energy and enthusiasm of new performers is vital to creating the innovative and energetic shows we all want to be part of, whether on stage or in the audience. If getting on stage intrigues you, even if you have never tried it before, keep reading!

Successful kinging that captivates your audience goes far beyond donning a suit or putting on facial hair. Most new kings are shoved onto a stage with no direction, mentoring, or support systems. Your plucky drag king hero, Randy Andy combines group classes, individual sessions, and peer feedback to teach you how to be a an amazing and successful king. Randy Andy has a unique approach to the art of kinging that is theatrically styled and narrative based. He will teach you how to how to approach your idea and translate it into an entertaining, stage-ready piece that highlights the unique elements YOU bring on a stage. The workshop series will cover history, character and piece development, costuming, makeup, lipsyncing, stage presence, blocking and expressions through an intersectional framework focusing on creating a truly kickass performance. This will culminate in a drag king recital performance, featuring YOU.

Once you’re a Randy Andy king you’re always a Randy Andy king. Lack of mentoring and community support typically make it difficult to continue onward for many kings. Post kingmaker workshop, you will receive continued mentoring for new piece development, as well as booking opportunities in Randy Andy and other queer performative productions.